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The year is 2113. Technology, far from ushering in a golden age, has altered what it means to be human. And allowed greedy corporations to virtually enslave humanity under the yoke of consumerism and mass media. You are a ‘runner’, an agent operating outside the system, fighting to survive and thrive in the cracks between the shining towers of chrome and steel.

You take on the illicit, high-risk jobs that the powers-that-be need deniability on. Whether it’s hacking a secure data server, extracting a defecting researcher from a corporate enclave or sabotaging a rival corp’s manufacturing plant, you’ll take it on if the money’s right.

System Crash is a cyberpunk CCG (Collectible Card Game) with an engaging storyline, coming early 2013 to PC/Mac/Linux.

Card duels represent ‘runs’, high-risk contracts from shadowy clientele. You are the run’s ‘controller’, the brains, the man or woman organizing and directing the run. To achieve your goal you need to accumulate ‘Objective Points’, an abstract measure of how much progress you’ve made toward that goal. Accumulate 30 OP and success is yours. However, if the opposing controller, usually the head of a corporate security force, accumulates 30 points before you then you have failed. Your Agents scatter to the streets to avoid capture and you must terminate your connection to avoid a trace on your physical location.

How the run is approached is up to you! Recruit your agents, purchase equipment and software, execute your tactics!

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System Crash video game info