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Zubo is set in the world of Zubalon, which is inhabited by a race called the Zubos. Zubalon is under siege by Big Head and his army of fake Zubo clones, named Zombos. But first, you must fight other heads Big Head sent in order to gain access to Big Head.


All actions, including movement, selection, and battles, are performed with the stylus and touch screen. In Zubo, players can befriend up to 55 different types of Zubos they meet while travelling in Zubalon, feed and nurture them, help them gain skills and strength, and assist them in chasing off Zombos. Each Zubo is one of 3 types which allows a fully flexible team that you can use to your own advantage in strategic battles with rhythm action mechanics, where the player attacks by tapping or sliding the stylus on the Nintendo DS's touchscreen; different Zubo types are stronger or weaker at attacking others. The game is divided into several themed worlds, each with a team of Zubos which the player can add to their team. Once you progress further into the game, you will have zubo's with higher life and more damage.

Note: Once you have defeated the final boss, you can find you can teleport anywhere. But that doesn't mean everywhere.

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Zubo video game info