About the forthcoming help pages

2013-10-05 (updated 2013-10-06)

This is a forum article created on the new forum section named "help"

The idea is have these articles embedded in various site sections to help users and/or editors.
Using the forum engine allows editors to easily maintain the articles, and anyone to comment and give feedback on it.

This is not meant to be comprehensive and replace the wiki ( code.google.com/p/uvl/wiki/EditorGuide ) but should instead be used as a quick reference and eventually link to the wiki.

The wiki is in terrible need of updating/expansion for it to be useful as primary information source, but it can be better for clarification and longer descriptions/explanations and examples.

Done the first test.
Added a help article about images (content taken from the wiki)
That article is now displayed on the right side of the image upload page.

Very nice. Could also appear on the image browser page.

Now the image types help is there too, and I have added a new help on companies editing (about naming).
All the editors that are even moderators should be able to edit the help articles.

Game, tag/group, and character editing need stubs for them at least still.

Game and tag relations need some link to help article or really short crash courses visible.