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2005-11-10 (updated 2017-06-05)

Graphic adventure game in French. It takes place in SRAM, a dream world.

I'm not sure that it really "takes place in Brittany". To my mind, it just takes place in an imaginary world (have we ever seen werewolves or centaurs "in Britain" ?). Plus, if this really takes place "in Brittany", I think that it rather takes place in Brittany (in French, Brittany is called "Bretagne" whereas Great Britain is called "Grande-Bretagne"), so the tag doesn't fit.

That 'standing stone' narrows it down considerably (unless the author is toying with obscure standing stone occurrences or out of place artifacts).

Northern Ireland

By a wide margin, the British isles has the most standing stones and Scotland having the most of these. As an historical note, most of the British Isles stones were knocked down, removed, demolished, or otherwise eliminated purposefully. People in the British isles are the most guilty for eliminating standing stones. (they were associated with paganism and also often 'in the way' of 'progress'.)


These other countries also have standing stones. They have also been found in other places. Notably, North America, engraved with runic letters no less, but those are not accepted by science. (but tempting subjects of fiction authors). Science currently associates standing stones with the Beaker Culture. Which has an eclectic range.

The screen shot, too me, very much implies the British island regardless of the time period. That screen shoot doesn't look particularly Iberian. Though it could be. It looks very much like the British isles. That other screen shot obviously shows a very old common oak tree. It however, bears a striking resemblance to Liernu's Big oak-tree (in Belgium)

Yes, I' m lazily replying to a game description reply.

2009-07-27 (updated 2009-07-27)

it appears the game either ignores realism for settings or that it has locations in the southwestern US, southeastern US, Africa/Galapagos.
And is has, I might add, horrendous graphics in contrast to the efforts that obviously when into rendering the title screen.

EDIT: And that's a good point about the centaurs. That would place it in Laconia, the southern most point on the Greek mainland. If the centaur is in fact located 'on home turf'

EDIT 2: ERE Informatique claimed a dedication to source materials for science-fiction and fantasy tales. I'm not familiar with which tales they selected or how dedicated to source material they actually were.

EDIT 3+4: got it, it takes place in an imaginary world. on a planet called SRAM

Is the imaginary bit really imaginary or used as a synonym for fictional in this case? Since the tag for imaginary worlds is for the dreamworlds, worlds within people's minds, and some other obscure cases.

2009-07-27 (updated 2010-03-16)
You can't read writing you see in the main view until you specifically command the parser to read it. After reading it once, it is no longer readable. This is a common occurrence in dreams

EDIT: The original comment claimed this game "takes place in Brittany"
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