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From the ads: 'Alien scientists have plotted to take over the earth - it�s Duke Nukem�s job to prevent them from executing their evil science project. Duke is using his full arsenal of weapons and is teleporting to various locations around the world in order to stop the alien menaces. Most importantly, he'll make them pay!'

This, unlike most console Duke titles, is NOT just DN3D ported over. This game has all new enemies, a couple of weapons, and an entirely different interface. Oh and a new 'story'. Gotta have a story. Yup yup yup.

But anyway despite using a D-pad and only 4 (well, Start and Select make 6) buttons, it is really very playable--and, more importantly, FUN!

--oh and I forgot. No nude babes. Nope, no strip clubs, beach resorts, sex hotels, adult video stores, babe calendars... you just visit space bases and ancient ruins instead. And the Duke Talk isn't so four-letter-word oriented.
Duke Nukem Advance video game info