About A-GA Gekidō no Wakusei

A-GA Gekidō no Wakusei video game info

2006-12-16 (updated 2009-08-01)

A 3D beauty girl system software similar to a movie. It is PC theater design system. The title 'A-GA' overwhelms a game old in the image and sound of astonishment literally.
That is, a high quality 3DSFX movie of more than an hour, a 5.1ch surround audio, incorporated a motion capture system everywhere, are the forces of the movie. It is a team 'aga' to advance this project. The supervisor participated from Des Blood 2 and the character design of Dancing Cats, and has been concerned with almost all work, such as Des Blood 3-4, Biko 2, Brutish Mine, Requiem Hurts, Battle Raper, DBVR, and Sexy Beach 2. And it will serve as a supervisor for the first time by this A-GA. This time, twin supervisor's younger brother is taking charge of a main character model etc.
This game has also been concerned with various titles. The Sexy beach prototype which won that popularity, and the character design of Biko 3 are fresh in memory. Their potential in connection with many works should impress an intense image in and abroad in a title 'A-GA' again. 'A-GA.' This will make men's heart hot most in 2004.
A-GA Gekidō no Wakusei video game info