About Terraria

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An open sandbox metroidvania with some crafting and base building, calling it "a 2D Minecraft" is an oversimplification of its formula, way more focused in rapid action and platforming.

-Great atmosphere and music.
-Amazing sense of wonder.
-Challenging events and biomes.
-Variety of NPCs and enemies.
-Subtle cross-referenced easter eggs that actually improve the game and don't seem forced.
-Big depths with many cave systems.
-2D side scroll eases exploration, making it less confusing.
-Incredibly well done crafting tree and progress system.
-Player and map are interdependent (you can play as much worlds as you wish with the same character)

-Addictive as hello without o.

10 of 10, would kill again a fusion of Bowser's lieutenant and someone who can summon fire without flint or tinder to earn a hat.
Terraria video game info