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Chromehounds video game info

2007-04-09 (updated 2008-08-06)

In this futuristic battle, three nations with opposing political views have erupted in an all-out war. From the cockpit of a giant metal "HOUND", you must power your tower of heavy artillery through giant war zones while backing five others on your squad and dodging the firepower of six other live players via Xbox Live. One team member will be elected Squad Commander and lead the team through the fray via voice commands. You are responsible for arming and customizing your massive mechanized weapon, but overload it and you won't get very far. Your teams' successful completion of missions will open up valuable new items that will bring you all that much closer to victory. Chromehounds also offers numerous single-player missions, plus training modes for team combat and HOUND control familiarization.
* Choose your allegiance: start in one of three nations, each with its own unique technology and look.
* Dig deep into the online campaign, or pick-up-and-play.
* Both first and third person perspectives.
* Incredibly realistic next-gen effects.
* Hundreds of items to earn.
Chromehounds video game info