published by Sega in 2002-08-13, developed by Visual Concepts, running on Xbox
type: sport

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This game features ESPN broadcast presentation, with player introductions, game highlights, replays, and scores displayed in the famous ESPN style. The all-new franchise mode lets you track comprehensive player stats and make shrewd trades as you build your franchise and develop your current team. An intuitive visual presentation makes being a general manager easier than before. The audible system lets you call plays just before the snap to catch your opponent off-guard. NFL 2K3 eliminates the complexity, making it simple to call a blitz or take advantage of a defensive mismatch. Computer opponents now use more smarts when calling plays, including tough defensive stands when you're attacking in the red zone. And gamers now have the ability to draft senior college players from Sega Sports NCAA College Football 2K3 and have them play into the next season on NFL 2K3. Players look genuine and lifelike, with additional facial models and expressions that let you recognize more of your favorite NFL stars. Every NFL stadium is here, authentically reproduced in 3-D. From the cheap seats to sidelines crowded with players, coaches, and camera crews, no detail is overlooked.
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The NFL 2K series is back on the Xbox to give Madden and NFL Fever a run for their money. This game has it all, an improved AI system, a revamped franchise mode, and dazzling new graphics. 2K3 features up-to-date rosters and even the new expansion Houston Texans. Since Sega and ESPN are working together, 2K3 features the high-quality ESPN presentation values. Computer opponents are smarter than ever when calling plays while the on-the-fly, and the new audible system allows you to catch your opponent off guard. Compete in a single game, season, franchise more or even take on your friends in a gridiron battle.
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