created and published by Himeya Soft / C's Ware in 1999-07-11, running on Windows
type: adventure
genre: Erotic, Manga, Visual novel
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn


An adult adventure game. In the same vein of other "Hentai" games like 3 Sisters Story or Divi Dead. Desire takes place in the research institute of the same name, located on a remote island. Aparently the researchs being conducted have some sort of unnoficial link with the military and so journalist Albert Macdgul is sent to investigate and see what he can find. At the same time Tina, a young girl, is washed ashore in the island with no recolection of what has happened to her or who she is, and meanwhile the technical manager at Desire Makoto Izumi seems to think something weird is going on with the researchs being conducted. You'll play through 4 chapters which make up the same storyline, but viewed by different characters. In each chapter you'll see the events and situations from different angles and uncover layers and layers of the main plotline which twists and bends in standard C's Ware fashion (and in the way you'll hook up with all of Desire's female population!). The game is played via a standard text interface were you select your actions and interact with other characters and places. Obviously, being a hentai game, there are many depictions of hardcore sexual situations so don't say you weren't warned.
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A reporter went to a remote island to interview the research scientists, which includes his girlfriend. On his first day there, he met some girls and found a girl, Tina on the beach.
He doesn't seem to have much luck with his girlfriend, but does fine with other girls. Tina seems to stick to him, when he let her.
What's with this research and who is Tina? First through the reporter's eyes, then his girlfriend's and more, you will find out. Is that a gene, time and space machine all in one?
# 2006

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display: raster, raster

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