Grandia Xtreme

published by Enix in 2002-09-30, developed by Game Arts, running on PlayStation 2
type: role-play
genre: Manga, Fantasy
series: Grandia
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

Official descriptions (2)

From the Elements shall come Disorder. From Disorder shall come Destruction. From Destruction shall come Rebirth. Thus it is foreseen.
The Grandia series makes a triumphant return with this all-new adventure.
Prepare to fight your way through over 130 types of enemies and 8 elemental lands - the acclaimed Grandia combat system has been tuned to perfection with total AI customization and new strategic battle options.
Discover new battle skills, forge combat-tested strategies and lay waste to your opponents.
Delve deeply into the mysterious of magic by finding and fusing mana eggs in unpredictable combinations - a unique, customizable system allows you to create your own enchantments.
Vibrant details and exceptional special effects bring the saga to life in stunning richness.
Unravel the mystery of the Elemental Disorder and retire a hero. Fail and the fate of the planet shall be shaken to its foundations.
* Featuring Voice Work By: Mark Hamill, Dean Cain & Lisa Loeb
# 2014-10-06 15:26:54 - official description
RPGs on the PlayStation 2 don't get much better than Grandia Xtreme! With an enhanced battle system, Grandia Xtreme pushes RPG gaming in new directions with a faster-paced game of exploration and discovery. With over 130 different types of monsters and eight elemental lands standing between you and victory, the future of the world has never looked more desperate. The renowned magic system of Grandia Xtreme allows creation of new and stronger spells, each with unique and fantastic effects. The story is epic and wrapped in numerous layers. Grandia Xtreme's innovative and accessible game design allows both hardcore RPG fans and general gamers to truly enjoy playing!
# 2007-04-12 13:51:28 - official description


Total crap. This is exactly why I generally avoid modern RPGs. The story is typical and uninspiring and the characters are so ridiculously annoying... it's ridiculous! And did they just go pick up some drunk bums off the street to do the English voices? Seriously, there's really nothing going for this game other than the battle system, but it's nothing we haven't seen before in other Grandia titles. I'd just stick to Grandia 1 & 2.
(cjlee001) - # 2007-01-02 17:21:36

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display: raster


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Grandia Xtreme in-game screen.
Grandia Xtreme (PlayStation 2)
Grandia Xtreme (PlayStation 2)
Grandia Xtreme (PlayStation 2)
Grandia Xtreme (PlayStation 2)
Grandia Xtreme (PlayStation 2)
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