Street Hoops

published by Activision in 2002-08-13, developed by Black Ops, running on Xbox
type: sport
genre: Basketball, Street game

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Street Hoops is a gritty, street-style basketball game that encompasses the look, speed, energy, and attitude of park and playground blacktop competition. The game allows players to represent their hometowns in a nationwide tournament on the most notorious street courts in the nation. Players can choose from a roster of athletes and performers, including key athletes made famous by the And 1 mix tapes and Nike's Freestyle commercial series. Realism is the rule. Players are allowed to bet cash on competitions and buy authentic real-world gear--including Sean John, Ecko Unlimited, Southpole, and Pure Playaz--with their cash. On the court, you can talk trash, shout, and throw an elbow, if need be. The game features multiple modes of play, including World Tournament, King of the Court, Multiplayer vs., and Half-Court. Street Hoops offers a wide variety of real freestyle basketball moves and a hip-hop soundtrack.
# 2015-03-22 18:02:54 - official description
Activision delivers all of the thrills and jams of street court basketball to the Xbox with Street Hoops. Street Hoops is 3 on 3 basketball at its best! Run on real courts from around the world, and play as street ball legends Hot Sauce, Headache and more. As you play the game you'll be treated to the hottest hip-hop artists like DMX, Cypress Hill, Method Man, Redman, Master P, Xzibit, and Ludacris. Street Hoops is filled with crazy dunks, intense team D, and insane passes. Throughout the game you'll be able to bet virtual cash on your team and use your winnings to buy new gear.
R2D2-A - # 2007-04-09 01:55:17 - official description

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