Muppet Monster Adventure

published by Midway in 2000-10-25, developed by Traveller's Tales, running on PlayStation
type: platformer
genre: 3D

Official description

Jim Henson's furry friends make their second appearance on the PlayStation in MUPPET MONSTER ADVENTURE. In this fun platformer, the Kermit and the crew decide to take a trip to the deserted mansion of a friend's uncle. When they arrive, however, they realize that this impressive estate is haunted. Suddenly everyone is transformed into a monster of one sort or another, and it's up to Kermits nephew Robin to reverse the curse and turn the Muppets back to normal. He'll have his hands full on his journey through this daunting domicile, with plenty of platforming action to keep fans of the genre busy for a long time.
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Box Blurb

The Muppets are having a MONSTER-OUS Halloween!

It's Halloween at creepy Castle von Honeydew: and some of your favourite Muppets have been transformed into grotesque creatures of evil. As Kermit's nephew, Robin, it is up to you to rescue Uncle Kermit and his fuzzy friends.

Kermit, Miss Piggy, Fozzie and Gonzo as you've never seen them before!

18 free-roaming levels, featuring 6 terrifying Muppet boss encounters and 5 monstrous morph abilities

All your favourite Muppet character voices and over 50 absurd Muppet enemies

Wacky puzzles and Muppet mini-games to complete, as well as the all-important rescue mission
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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