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published by Sacnoth in 1999-12-22, developed by Sacnoth Digital Entertainment, running on Neo Geo Pocket Color
type: strategy, role-play
genre: Science Fiction, Tactical RPG
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player

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Official description
In the future, wars will be fought by a new breed of foot soldier. These mechanized destroyers, known as Toy Soldiers, will create and thwart revolutions. Enter here the world of Faselei, the new adventure RPG for the NeoGeo Pocket Color. A kingdom is in crisis, and your squad has been asked to help bring peace again. The king has been assassinated and a war has begun between both princes. Command your TS and go into battle. Clear missions to gain experience and money. Buy parts, weapons, and supplies to upgrade and equip your TS, even down to its CPU. You can also purchase new TS models to upgrade your squad. The new control and attack system will blow away the old turn-base attack procedures. If you choose, you can pit your own TS against that of a friend using the NGP Link Cable. Do not lose sight of your mission, the country is in chaos. Peace is at hand and you are the deciding factor. Save the kingdom!
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Technical specs
display: raster
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Faselei! in-game screen.
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