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Private Garden

created and published by Tetratech in 1995, running on Windows
type: puzzle
genre: Erotic, Manga
perspective: other
player options: single player
languages: jpn

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Comments (4)
You have to make sure that all the blocks with the girls pics on it are gone.
The male sign block makes everything above, below,left and right dissapear.
So you have to place all the blocks in a way that they will dissapear.
But im stuck at stage 4 :s
# 2006
The game is sort of like Innai Kaisen the second game which is also a puzzle game but different in the gameplay and look. In the game move blocks to form a shape of guy or girl, but be careful if you move the blocks off the platform. You must make an image of a person using all the blocks.
It sounds easy but it isn't because you are given a small space to move the blocks and if you move the blocks off the platform, you have to try again.
# 2006
Ok, i don't even know how to play this game, like u move the blocks together, and create the image but that's not all, you have to then move it into a square with the male symbol on it...making no sence what so ever to me
# 2006
Is there only one girl?
# 2006
Technical specs
display: raster
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Private Garden in-game screen.
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