Rock 'n' Roll Racing

a.k.a. Rock 'n Roll Racing / Rock n' Roll Racing / Rock n Roll Racing

published by Interplay Productions in 1994, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, running on Mega Drive
type: racing/driving
genre: Combat racing
series: Rock n Roll Racing
setting: Future
perspective: bird's-eye (dimetric)
player options: single player
languages: eng


This game was preceeded by Racing Destruction Set and RC Pro-Am. RDS is widely considered to be the bigger influence. Race on isometrically viewed tracks constructed from a limited number of pieces of the same width.
Improvements include:
Three levels of difficulty.
1 or 2 players simultaneously via split-screen.
An additional 1-2 player verses split-screen mode.
Armor/Hit points (vehicles don't explode with only one hit).
Collisions cause damage at all times.
Only money and armor repair power ups are collected from the track. All other upgrades are purchased between races.
Nitro device, jump device, homing missile device, Oil slick device.
3 devices at once. Ammo limited to a maximum of 6 charges per device. Ammo is filled to capacity each lap.
Hovercraft and tracked vehicles added.
Non-flat tracks. Catching air and leaving the track. Jumping over opponents. One way jumps and gaps in the track.
Multiple track surfaces with different properties.
Vehicles can shoot or mine themselves.
Crisscrosses and multiple paths for some tracks.
Game has and ending and is 'beatable'.
Sufficient skill to continue playing is determined by a system of racing points and divisions instead of limited lives and continues.
Water obstacle is replaced by sticky goo obstacle.
A password save function. Passwords are universal and work on original SNES version or Genesis version.
Commentator, Loudmouth Larry
This version of the game features these songs

  • Paranoid by Black Sabbath
  • Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf
  • Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood
  • The Peter Gunn Theme by Henry Mancini
  • Radar Love by The Golden Earrings

Removed features include:
Collecting all powerups from the track.
Lives and continues.
A trophy room.
Invincibility powerup.
Rubberband and nitro powerups for AI opponents when they fall behind. It is possible to lap opponents.
AI opponents upgrade their vehicles on a schedule instead of matching the player's choice. So upgrading is an advantage.

Passwords only save 6 digits of cash, if you acquire more than that or cause only the last 2 digits to be saved. $999,950 is saved but $9,999,950 becomes $50.
Some created passwords can cause the game to crash at random.
You may enter the same password for players 1 and 2 at the same time.

An unknown key combo allows the selection of Olaf as driver
The same unknown key combo allows the selection of Inferno to race on
The Phantom is a hidden character and has even better stats then Olaf. It is only playable by way of passwords or cheating devices
Play as The Phantom in a fully upgraded blue hovercraft with $500,000 on Chem IV (LV 1) division B: T1D7 HQPY SWJ!, or division A: K1D7 HQMY SWJ! OR red hovercraft division B: T5D7 HQPV SWJ!, or division A: K5D7 HQMV SWJ!
Play as The Phantom in a fully upgraded blue hovercraft with $500,000 on Drakonis (LV 2) division B: S1D7 HQP6 SWJ!, or division A: J1D7 HQM6 SWJ! OR red hovercraft division B: S5D7 HQP3 SWJ!, or division A: J5D7 HQM3 SWJ!
Play as The Phantom in a fully upgraded blue hovercraft with $500,000 on Bogmire (LV 3) division B: 8ZDQ HQPF 92J!, or division A: 0ZDQ HQMF 92J! OR red hovercraft division B: 83DQ HQPB 92J!, or division A: 03DQ HQMB 92J!
Play as The Phantom in a fully upgraded blue hovercraft with $500,000 on New Mojave (LV 4) division B: 7ZDQ HQPP 92J!, or division A: ZZDQ HQMP 92J! OR red hovercraft division B: 73DQ HQPL 92J!, or division A: Z3DQ HQML 92J!
Play as The Phantom in a fully upgraded blue hovercraft with $500,000 on NHO (LV 5) division B: 6ZWQ HQNY 5TJ!, or division A: YZWQ HQLY 5TJ! OR red hovercraft division B: 63WQ HQNV 5TJ!, or division A: Y3WQ HQLV 5TJ!
Play as The Phantom in a fully upgraded blue hovercraft with $500,000 on Inferno (LV 6) division B: 5ZWQ HQN6 5TJ!, or division A: XZWQ HQL6 5TJ! OR red hovercraft division B: 53WQ HQN3 5TJ!, or division A: X3WQ HQL3 5TJ!

Differences from the original SNES version:
'Highway Star' by Deep Purple is replaced with 'Radar Love'.
The midi music sounds slightly more realistic
The music mutes when Sound FX and Larry are simultaneously heard.
No scaling or rotation effects, lower color depth.
Some parallaxing background effects added, but not during gameplay.
The AI opponents use a different algorithm.
Money is silver instead of gold.
Hit points are represented by a bar graph during the race.
The controls are different

  • Fire=A. Accelerate=B. Oil/Mines=C. Brake=↓
  • Jump/Nitro=Tap then hold B (or double tab).
  • Jump/Nitro=↑
  • Jump/Nitro=X or Y or Z
  • Sharp Turn=Tap then hold ← or →
  • Sharp Turn=MODE+← or MODE+→

Cross system multiplayer (xband, kalleria, etc) is not possible without game specific custom software (that does not yet exist as far as I know).
(Zerothis) - # 2006

Technical specs

display: raster

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Mega Forcefr341994-1289/10089%
Player Onefr481994-1290/10090%

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