Bakuretsu Soccer

a.k.a. 爆裂サッカー / Bakuretsu Soccer - Tecmo Super Shot Soccer

created and published by Tecmo in 2002-01-25, running on PlayStation
type: sport
genre: Soccer
perspective: 3rd person

Official description

Lead your team to victory and become the world's best soccer team using extraordinary moves and kicks to defeat your opponent. Watch as the team from China drops the Great Wall in the middle of the field to block your opponents moves. OR choose the French team and paralyze your opponents using the Eiffel Tower to shock the competition allowing your team to shoot and score! This is soccer like you've never seen before, it's wacky, crazy and fun! Does your team have team it takes to become the champion of the world?
Super Shot Special Moves - each national team has two or more unique special movies on offense or defense.
International Tournament - Compete against other national teams in a global tournament for ultimate victory. Over 30 countries to choose from.
Weather effects - Play in adverse weather conditions like rain.
Fast and exciting gameplay - The action is fast and furious, especially with the Super Shot special moves which can foil plans and make for exciting comeback victories!

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Technical specs

display: textured polygons



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Bakuretsu Soccer in-game screen.
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