Bass Landing

a.k.a. Bass Landing: Special Fishing Set / バスランディング 【つりコン同梱】

published by ASCII / Agetec in 1999-01-14, developed by ASCII, running on PlayStation
type: sport

Official description

As Real as it Gets Without Getting wet! Bass Landing sets the standards for fishing game realism with its exclusive dual shock compatible rod and reel controller. Bass Landing comes bundled with a custom designed rod/reel controller that lets fishing game enthusiasts really cast and reel in the big ones. Bass Landing lets anyone, regardless of skill level, enjoy the sport of fishing right in their own home. Beginners can study the tutorials and learn about lures, rods, temperatures, and all the other secrets of the pros, while experienced anglers can pack their tackle boxes and fish solo or enter any of the 7 bass tournaments. Bass Landing will be the catch of the year for fishing enthusiasts, so stock up now! Custom designed fishing rod/reel controller offers unparalleled realism. Features 14 kinds of fish, Tutorial, Solo, or Tournament modes, 20 lures, 10 rods, 2 reels, and 8 fishing line options, realistically detailed fishing environments, 5 lakes to challenge any fishing enthusiast, and instant replays of the ones that didn't get away. Control every option: tackle box, time of day, temperature etc. Also features depth finder to help find the best fishing spots.

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