Sword of Vermilion

a.k.a. ヴァーミリオン / Vermilion

created and published by Sega in 1989-12-16, running on Mega Drive
type: action/reflex, role-play
genre: Fantasy, Dungeon Crawler
perspective: 1st person bird's-eye side view
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Personal reviews (2)

An RPG fair in history and exploration but abusive in boring and repetitive battles.

4 de 10

# 2014-07-18 21:11:05
Early RPG for the Mega Drive. Makes use of several different perspectives. Overworld and dungeons are explored in first-person view. Towns and the special fighting screen are from above and the few boss fights from a special side-view. The graphics are nice, but suffer from palette swapping and a lack of variety when it comes to the environmental graphics. The gameplay consists of a rather simple formula. You visit a town which has a problem and you have to solve that problem by visiting a nearby cave, either recovering an important item or killing a boss enemy. That concept repeats through about a dozen of towns. Fighting is an important part of the game. And fighting you have to do a lot. The random encounter rate is high, too high for my taste. When it comes to a fight you have to actively kill the monsters on a special fight screen, bringing a big action component to the game.

# 2008-07-19 20:57:41

Official descriptions (2)

When the evil wizard-king, Tsarkon, invaded Excalabria, King Erik V had no choice but to turn his infant son over to his most trusted warrior, Blade. As his castle burned, King Erik hurriedly gave Blade an ancient family heirloom, the Ring of Wisdom, and asked him to leave at once in the hopes that the young heir to the throne would survive. Blade raised Erik VI as his own, knowing one day the prince would fulfill the prophecy of the Malaga fortune tellers. Now, eighteen years later, Erik VI returns to Excalabria to avenge his father’s death and reclaim the kingdom.
# 2007-03-12 22:53:47 - official description
Sword of Vermilion is about the role of Erik's son, who takes on a quest of revenge to defeat Tsarkon and free the world of Vermilion from evil. In the town of Excalabria, the people went about their business and tended to the fields. One day, vicious fighting broke out everywhere as the army of Cartahena, led by the wizard-king Tsarkon, swarmed all over the town. The townsmen were overwhelmed. The castle of King Erik V collapsed. Erik summoned his bravest, strongest and most faithful warrior, Blade, and gave him his infant son and an ancient family heirloom, the ring of wisdom. He ordered Blade to save himself and the child while the castle burned. Blade traveled to a small village named Wyclif, where he settled down and raised the child as his own son. Eighteen years later, the son of Erik begins his quest. Save the world of Vermilion and fulfill the prophecy of the Malaga fortune-tellers!
# 2007-03-06 00:52:30 - official description

Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

Included in Sega Mega Drive Classic Collection (Steam version)
# 2014-08-28 00:36:20

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Hiroshi Kawaguchi (music)

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Mean Machinesuk81991-0582/10082%
Player Onefr71991-0394/10094%
Tilt 39-113fr881991-0316/2080%

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Sword of Vermilion in-game screen.
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Sword of Vermilion (Mega Drive)
Sword of Vermilion (Mega Drive)
Sword of Vermilion (Mega Drive)
Sword of Vermilion (Mega Drive)
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