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Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Tides of War

published by Activision in 2003-05-06, developed by Nerve Software / Gray Matter Interactive Studios, running on Xbox
type: shooter
genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror
series: Wolfenstein
perspective: 1st person
player options: split-screen, single player
game engine: id Tech 3
languages: eng

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From 2 to 16 players simultaneous. 2 player splitscreen. 2-16 players via System Link or XBox Live.

Seventh game in the Wolfenstein series.

This package includes many extras over the original PC version. There are 7 prologue levels that explain B.J. and Agent One's meeting and thier imprisonment. There is a secret bonus for each level for finding all the secret areas in said level. There are aditional weapons and items, Shotgun, Holy Cross, EMP Device, and X-Shield. The original Wolfenstien 3D game is included. The 'single player mode' can be played with 2-player splitscreen coopertive play. The game can be expanded and customised with downloadable content.
# 2006
Technical specs
display: textured polygons
Authors / Staff


Al Shier (film coordinator producer)
Brandon James (president)
Brandon James (game director)
Christian Cummings (vice-president)
Christian Cummings (content director)
Drew Markham (director)
Dusty Welch (vice-president global brand manager)
Eric Ronay (technical director)
Greg Goodrich (executive producer)
Inc. (producer)
Jason Kim (associate producer)
Jonathan Moses (pc producer)
Kevin Kraff (brand manager)
Laird M. Malamed (senior executive producer)
Marco Bertoldo (director)
Mark Lamia (vice-president north american studios)
Michelle Nino (director of corporate communications)
Peter Beal (database manager)
Phill Simon (executive producer)
Sarah Castelblanco (producer)
Sherry Wallace (visual effects producer)
Steve Rosenthal (producer)
Timothy R. Miller (creative director)
Tony Jay (the director)
Trey Watkins (intro movie director)
Victoria Sylvester Stevens (production coordinator)
Yoko Nakao (associate brand manager)


Gray Matter Interactive Studios (developer of original pc game)


Aaron Smith (design)
Brian Patenaude (design)
Dan Koppel (technical design lead)
Design Ignited Minds LLC (manual design)
Jay Brushwood (design)
John Turner (design)
Josh Jay (design)
Soundelux Design Music Group (weapon design)
Sung Hoon Yi (design)


Steve Goldberg (writer)


Brian Matt (programmer)
Darin McNeil (programmer)
ID Software (development assistance)
ID Software People (development assistance)
Joseph Aurill (additional programming)
Nerve Software (xbox port)
Rafael Paiz (additional programming)
Ryan Feltrin (a.i. programmer)
Sean Mitchell (lead programmer)
Sherman Archibald (programmer)


Aaron Smith (art)
Asier Lavina (animator)
Brandon Davis (animator)
Brian Patenaude (art)
Claire Praderie (texture artist)
Corky Lehmkuhl (character artist)
David Stinnett (animator)
Derron Ross (animator)
Dominique Drozdz (animator)
Ed Lee (concept art)
Jason Hoover (animation)
Jay Brushwood (art)
Jeff Weisend (animator)
John Turner (art)
Josh Jay (art)
Kirby Miller (animator)
Mad Doc Software (egyptian texture)
Mad Doc Software Design Team (egyptian texture)
Marlon Nowe (animator)
Michael Maxx Kaufman (art direction)
Paul Taylor (lead animator)
Splash Damage Ltd (egyptian texture)
Splash Damage Ltd. Design Team (egyptian texture)
Sung Hoon Yi (art)
Tim Wallace (animator)
Tom Dillon (animator)

motion capture

Danelle Folta (mocap actress)
John Bunt (motion capture)

3d artist

Art Matsuura (3d artist)
Dan Tarmy (3d artist)
Gustavo Ramirez (3d artist)
Jason Hoover (models)
Mad Doc Software (model design)
Mad Doc Software Design Team (model design)
Mike Shahan (3d artist)
Richard Estrada (3d artist)
Splash Damage Ltd (model design)
Splash Damage Ltd. Design Team (model design)
Tomer Litvin (3d artist)

level designer

Dan Gold (level design)
David Kelvin (level designer)
Maciej Kowalski (level design)
Mal Blackwell (additional level design)
Michael Goodhead (level design)
Michael Labbe (level design)
Richard Farrelly (lead level designer)
Three Wave (prologue levels)


'The Bakery' (sound design)
Bill Brown (music composer)
Steve Goldberg (sound design)
Todd Cochran (period music)


Atlantis Group (voice recording)
B. J. Ward (voice actress)
Brian George (voice actor)
Brian Mysliwy (voice actor)
Brian Simpson (mocap actor)
Cam Clarke (voice actor)
Charles Napier (voice actor)
Drew Markham (voice actor)
Gaille Heideman (voice actress)
James Alcroft (voice actor)
James M. Ward (voice actor)
Jim Piddock (voice actor)
Jonathan Cook (voice actor)
Kris Zimmerman (voice casting director)
Matt Kaminsky (voice actor)
Neil Ross (voice actor)
Peter Renaday (voice actor)
Steven Jay Blum (voice actor)


Design Ignited Minds LLC (packaging)


Denise Walsh (vice-president creative services)
Jill Barry (creative services manager)
Matt Stainner (marketing creative director)


Aaron Camacho (quality assurance tester)
Aaron Justman (quality assurance tester)
Alex Cortez (quality assurance tester)
Ben Harrelson (quality assurance tester)
Bernie Leon (quality assurance tester)
Chris Wagener (quality assurance tester)
Daniel Kannard (quality assurance tester)
Dustin Thomas (quality assurance tester)
Edward Vernon (quality assurance tester)
Geoffrey Olsen (quality assurance tester)
Henry Peter Villanueva (quality assurance project lead)
Jake Biegel (quality assurance tester)
James Patton (quality assurance tester)
Jason Naglic (quality assurance tester)
Jesse Shannon (quality assurance tester)
Keefe Kwan (quality assurance tester)
Kekoa Lee-Creel (production testers)
Kop Tavornmas (quality assurance tester)
Lee Cheramie (quality assurance tester)
Marilena Rixford (quality assurance manager)
Matt McClure (quality assurance senior project lead)
Matthew Beal (production testers)
Michael Cook (quality assurance tester)
Mike Ortiz (quality assurance tester)
Mike Wesby (quality assurance tester)
Nicholas Weaver (quality assurance tester)
Paul Colbert (quality assurance tester)
Paul Williams (quality assurance tester)
Ryan Ramsey (quality assurance tester)
Scott Soltero (quality assurance tester)
Shane Sasaki (quality assurance tester)
Sion Gibson (quality assurance tester)
Taylor Livingston (quality assurance tester)
Timothy Toledo (quality assurance tester)

customer support

Bob McPherson (senior manager of customer support)
Gary Bolduc (phone support customer support lead)
Mike Hill (email support customer support lead)
Rob Lim (escalation support customer support lead)


David Kay (business)
Gregory Deutsch (business)


Activision Credits:
Activision Publishing
Blur Studios Credits:
Company Credits:
Gray Matter Interactive Studios Credits:
Miscellaneous Credits:
Mondo Media Credits:
Nerve Software Credits:
Three Wave Credits:


B. J. Ward (helga)
B. J. Ward (female #1)
B. J. Ward (egyptian woman)
B. J. Ward (egyptian child)
Blur Studios (intro movie)
Brian George (egyptian #1)
Brian George (german #1 {in prologue})
Brian Mysliwy (army major)
Brian Mysliwy (egyptian #3)
Brian Mysliwy (german #3 {in prologue})
Cam Clarke (german #4)
Chad Bordwell (scripting)
Charles Napier (murphy)
Clay Mottern (special operations consultants)
David Kay (legal affairs)
Denise Walsh (operations)
Drew Markham (german #1)
Gaille Heideman (female #2)
Gregory Deutsch (legal affairs)
ID Software (quake iii arena technology)
ID Software (production assistance)
ID Software (technical assistance)
ID Software People (quake iii arena technology)
ID Software People (production assistance)
ID Software People (technical assistance)
James Alcroft (jack)
James M. Ward (german #3)
Jeremy Cook (cg supervisor)
Jeremy Luyties (scripting)
Jim Piddock (agent one)
Jonathan Cook (heinrich)
Kevin Vance (special operations consultants)
Matt Kaminsky (bj blazkowicz)
Max Yoshikawa (controller)
Michael Denny (scripting)
Mike Mantarro (senior publicist)
Mondo Media (game cutscene rework)
Neil Ross (higgs)
Neil Ross (german #2)
Nerve Software (multiplayer)
Peter Beal (single player)
Peter Beal (co-op floor lead)
Peter Renaday (monk)
Rob Lim (information)
Ryan Feltrin (technology)
Soundelux Design Music Group (additional effects)
Steven Jay Blum (egyptian #2)
Steven Jay Blum (german #2 {in prologue})
Thomas Lindberg (special operations consultants)
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