Cyber Troopers Virtual-On Marz

a.k.a. 電脳戦機バーチャロン マーズ

published by Sega in 2003-05-29, developed by Hitmaker, running on PlayStation 2
type: fighting
series: Virtual On
languages: eng jpn

Official description

Corporate crime has plunged the Planet Mars into an explosive war zone overrun with towering mech warriors known as Virtuaroids. As a member of the MARZ Special Investigation Unit, you'll pilot your war machine into the heart of intense battles unleashing a hail of grenades, air mines, lasers, and missiles on the aggressive enemies. These enormous sword and mace-wielding robots stand 49-feet tall and are surprisingly fast. Headquarters will constantly update your position with information and warnings as you stalk and defeat enemy Virtuaroids and gigantic bosses throughout your missions. You'll also be called upon to attack enemy locations and convoys, defend allied bases and convoys, and fight alongside other Virtuaroids in battle. Ultimately, you must restore peace on the planet by discovering the true identity of the mysterious forces that have infiltrated Mars. Good luck!
* Intense VR combat at lightning fast speeds.
* "Virtual Twin Stick" controls bring the feel of the arcade home.
* Exciting and varied missions include assisted combat, boss battles, exploration, destruction of placement turrets, and more.
* Collect Virtuaroids in the new solo player Dramatic Mode.
* Over 35 playable characters, unlocking new Virtuaroids at key points in the story.
* Beginning level players and Ace pilots alike get the challenge they're looking for.
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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video game

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