Konami Arcade Classics

a.k.a. Konami 80's Arcade Gallery

published by Konami in 1999-05-13, running on PlayStation

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Presenting Konami Arcade Classics, a faithful re-issue of ten signature games guaranteed to bring back memories to the veteran arcade gamer, and introduce a whole new generation to the simple elegance-and good old-fashioned fun-of the games of yesteryear! We've included the timeless "Time Pilot," "Scramble" and "Super Cobra" (which would later become the basis of the "Gradius" series), the whimsical wolf and pig story of "Pooyan," the clowns of "Circus Charlie," and the forerunners of life-bar/joystick-button combo fighting games such as "Yie Ar Kung Fu"! With ten games in all, including "Shao Lin's Road," "Road Fighter," "Gyrus" and "Roc'n'Rope," all featuring the original arcade artwork, simple controls and even the bugs, KONAMI puts the focus back on fun!
# 2013-11-24 12:57:45 - official description
Konami lets you revisit the golden age of gaming with their classics edition. This title features 10 classic games that you can master without spending one quarter at the local arcade. The games in Konami Arcade Classics include: Pooyan, Scramble, Circus Charlie, Yie Ar Kung Fu, Road Fighter, Gyrus, ShaoLin's Road, Roc n' Rope, Time Pilot, and Super Cobra.
# 2007-12-07 10:31:04 - official description

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Konami Arcade Classics package.
Konami Arcade Classics (PlayStation)
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