Videocart 11: Backgammon & Acey-Ducey

a.k.a. Videocart 9: Backgammon

created and published by Fairchild Camera and Instrument in 1977, running on Fairchild Channel F
type: board game
genre: Traditional game
perspective: bird's-eye fixed camera
player options: hotseat
languages: eng

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Official description

Play the world's newest and most modern game of backgammon. The pieces are on the tube, rather than a board. Like the regular game, but better... You've got nothing to lose! BACKGAMMON: Advance your runners to the comfort station. Send your buddy to the bar. Then get ready for a not-so-dangerous double. Get the point? ACEY-DEUCEY: Ahoy, buoys and gulls! Start with all stones unturned in this Navy version of backgammon. Then with a "one" and a "two", you're three moves ahead.
# 2019-04-22 07:10:23 - official description

Technical specs

display: raster

Editor notes (2)

On the German Saba Videoplay the cartridges had sometimes different numbers. The original Channel F Videocart 11 was released as number 9.
# 2011-11-12 16:31:29
Acey-Deucey is practically the same board-game as Backgammon, with few slight variations
(Retromaniac) - # 2004-03-15 20:09:09

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video game

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Samuel Anstee

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Videocart 11: Backgammon & Acey-Ducey in-game screen.
Videocart+11+Backgammon+Acey+Ducey ()
Videocart+11+Backgammon+Acey+Ducey ()
Videocart 11: Backgammon & Acey-Ducey (Fairchild Channel F)
Videocart 11: Backgammon & Acey-Ducey (Fairchild Channel F)
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