Soul Blade

a.k.a. Soul Edge / ソウルエッジ

created and published by Namco in 1997-03-01, running on PlayStation
type: fighting
series: SoulCalibur
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Official description

Soul Blade is one of the most popular arcade fighting games available and its heading to your home (at least it should be if you buy it).
Soul Blade is especially impressive because of its superior motion-captured texture-mapped graphics and it's true light-sourcing. Coupled with challenging gameplay that emphasizes side-stepping counter-attacks and strategy Namco has made a fighting game worthy of the highest praises.
A major element that elevates the quality of Soul Blade is its true 3D environment. This element not only proves useful in evading attacks but also for side stepping and attacking. Each player and opponent must constantly re-adjust to attack and defend from the new character positions.
Even when a character is knocked to the ground it is an opportunity to recover and attack. While the attacks are powerful and cool to watch constant attacking will only take you so far in this game.
Success lies in the ability to defend and counter-attack.
# 2017-07-13 14:13:30 - official description


Under the influence of the twin swords, Soul Edge, Cervantes slew his entire crew, and everybody in a nearby port town. After he was done, and with Soul Edge temporarily satisfied, he went to the ruins of the 'Black Tail Inn' to sleep in preparation for the birth of the 'Child of the Evil Sword.'
Over the next 20 years, rumors about Soul Edge spread across the world. Some called it the 'Sword of Salvation,' some called it the 'Ultimate Weapon.' Some set out to find Soul Edge for their own purposes. Those who managed to reach Soul Edge wished they hadn't, as the evil blades devoured their souls.
One woman, Sophitia, managed to destroy one of the swords in a battle to the death with Cervantes. Sophitia was injured by the fragments of Soul Edge. With half of Soul Edge destroyed, Cervantes became enraged, as if she had destroyed a part of his body. He was about to finish her off, when Taki stepped in. With his equilibrium broken, Cervantes lost to Taki in the end.
Taki obtained a fragment of Soul Edge, and departed with the badly injured Sophitia, whose life hung by a thread.
Siegfried, the 'Innocent Darkside,' was on his own quest to find Soul Edge, the 'Sword of Vengeance.' When he arrived, however, all he found was the corpse of a pirate. The sword clutched in its hand caught Siegfried's attention, so he approached the corpse...
...But suddenly, the corpse, engulfed in flames, rose up, as if the evil itself had possessed the pirates body. It had become the essence of the sword itself, Inferno.
The corpse and the boy fought. Even though Siegfried's sword was so huge, he swung it effortlessly. His eyes were filled with madness as the sword cut the air with a roar. Siegfried won the battle, despite the fact that his sword broke. Then, he spotted Soul Edge again...
...Soul Edge had lost its host, and was on the verge of tearing itself apart, until Siegfried reached out and grasped the hilt...
People around the world gazed at the beautiful pillar of light that pierced the clouds, not knowing that it was the Evil Seed, that would bring indescribable misfortune to the world.
official description - # 2006

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

External reviews (2) - average: 89%

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Joypad 1-72fr641997-0595/10095%

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Soul Blade in-game screen.
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Soul Blade (PlayStation)
Soul Blade (PlayStation)
Soul Blade (PlayStation)
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