published by Konami / Century Electronics in 1982, developed by Konami, running on Arcade
type: maze
perspective: bird's-eye
languages: eng
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bootleg(s): Cotocoto Cottong

Official description

To a short rendition of "I've Been Working On The Railroad", a cubical network of track appears on screen. The network is composed of connecting squares of different colors, with each square containing a different shaped section of Train Track, and one blank square.
The Train is guided along on its destiny to all the stations by adjusting the direction of the Track. This is accomplished by moving the Joystick up, down, right, or left. The Track can be connected at any of the four blocks surrounding the blank square. The Track the Train travels over is distinguished by its bright yellow color.
By connecting the Track at any one of the Junction points, also known as the Bonus Lines, a Bonus of 150 points is added to the game score, however which direction the Train will take is unknown until it reaches the Junction.
The speed of the Train is increased by holding down the right or left Speed Button. Dead ends must be avoided.
As the Train travels through each station and picks up the passengers, 100 points are added to the game score. For each block of Track it crosses to reach the Stations, 10 points are added to the score.
The Train must reach the Bonus Station before the the Bonus reaches zero, or the Crazy Trains will appear and impose the danger of crashing into the Train. The Crazy Trains can be eliminated by
connecting the Track in such a way they will crash into each other or dead ends. This portion of the Track is no longer usable after such a crash.
If the Train gets caught in a loop, beware of the Loop Sweeper appearing and chasing the Train in attempt to destroy it.
The Bonus Points of the Bonus Station are randomly determined, beginning with a high of 2470 points. The points are counted down randomly with each passing second, so the quicker the Bonus Station is reached, the greater the Bonus Points earned.
If all the Stations are successfully cleared before the Bonus Station reaches zero, 5,000 points are awarded. If the Train successfully clears the Stations after this time, 1,000 points are awarded.
When all the Stations have been perfectly cleared, a new network of Track appears on screen.
The game is over when all the Trains have eliminated.
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Technical specs

additional hardware: Konami Tactician arcade hardware,
display: raster

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