Mega Zone

a.k.a. Megazone

published by Konami in 1984-02-24, developed by Kosuka, running on Arcade
type: shooter
genre: Scrolling shooter
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng
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Official descriptions (2)

YOUR MISSION: To advance through enemy territory and destroy the ominous "Command Tower".

Take position in your amphibious rocket tank. By use of the 8-way joystick and fire button, you must choose your path carefully and take precise aim while keeping watch of the enemy's every move. You encounter a multitude of enemies which varies depending on which path you choose. The most powerful of all the enemies is a figure fashioned after an eyeball.

When you collect twelve power pods. "MEG" appears on the screen. In consuming "MEG" your size and fire power triple by joining forces with one of the remaining, tanks-And you'll need to! Some enemies can only be destroyed by multiple hits!

The screen continues until you reach the MEGAZONE and annihilate the Command Tower which is only vulnerable when open. Your next mission awaits ...
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Operate your floating tank by the 8-way joystick and shooting button.

Avoid the obstacles such as woods and blocks.
Fight 32 kinds of enemy until finally you have destroyed THE LAST ENEMY BASE.

Destroy the big EYEBALLS, or they will be ambushing you on the next frontline.
Destroy small EYEBALLS, and they will turn into tear-shaped objects. You will get points by passing above these objects.
And then all the enemy on the screen will disappear.

Take up 12 pieces of "POWER ENERGY", and "MEGA SIGN" will appear. If you take up MEGA SIGN, your tank will get united with one of the spare players upper left of the screen and become
Such a powered-up tank will have striking power three times stronger than before.

THE LAST ENEMY BASE can be destroyed by shooting the red NUCLEUS at the very top of the screen.
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Technical specs

additional hardware: Konami 6809-based arcade hardware,
display: raster

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Mega Zone in-game screen.
Mega Zone (Arcade)
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