Doom 3

a.k.a. D00M³

created and published by id Software in 2004-08-03, running on Windows
type: shooter, action/reflex
genre: Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Corridor Shooter, First-person shooter
series: Doom
setting: Future
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player, LAN, Internet
game engine: id Tech 4
languages: chi eng fre ita pol rus spa
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Personal review

You take up the role of nameless marine come to UAC Mars research base as a replacement to fill up the diminishing security forces on site. You're initially greeted by bleak residents of the Mars base and the uptight workforce of the place and are quickly pushed to your first assignment. And your arrival could not have been on worse time, as the conditions rapidly deteriorate from then on into an invasion by demonic forces and a darker plot brewing behind it.

Personally I think the game is quite good, and the major criticism from others seems to have been about the extremely dark setting (lack of lighting), but how many horror games do you see in brightly lit environs that still manage to scare you? I doubt any. Creep you out by weirdness, perhaps, but not scare you.

The only gripe I have about the game is that it relies all too much on scripted sequences to scare you, and the mob A.I. seems to be a bit too straightforward to give much challenge as it's quite easy to figure out and once that's done, most situations are ridiculously easy to handle, especially with the virtually infinite ammo you have (not that that's much a surprise as the place _is_ weapons research and manufacturing facility on top of everything else).

# 2008-06-14 16:12:36

Official description

Science has unlocked the gates to the unknown, and now only one man stands between Hell and Earth. A Sci-Fi horror masterpiece, Doom 3 is like nothing you've ever experienced. Dramatic storyline, pulse-pounding action, incredible graphics, and revolutionary technology combine to draw you into the most frightening and gripping first person gaming experience ever created.

Terrifying atmosphere
Never before seen detail with real-time lighting and shadows

Disturbingly lifelife
Real-world physics, killer AI and 5.1 surround sound

Fight for your life
Battle in team or deathmatch-based modes
Box blurb - # 2009-08-29 12:55:02 - official description

Comments (5)

Note! Activision worked only as distributor for Doom 3, not publisher.
Sanguine # 2009-08-29 12:55:41
Comes on 3 CDs.

EAN-13: 5030917024399
Sanguine # 2009-08-29 12:50:09
missing images: interesting and clear main/cover image to replace the current low resolution one
Sanguine # 2008-11-07 15:45:30
Latest version: 1.3.1 (as of 2006-12-14)
Sanguine # 2008-10-02 11:45:20
locked object : code [lock location] [code found from]

Listed in order of encountering the locked object

Reception & Marine HQ
Combat Prep : 584 [Marine HQ] [Bill Tyson's PDA near the location on second visit to Marine HQ]
Locker #001 : 396 [Maintenance] [Kitchen, Adam's PDA] – automatically opened and emptied on return trip if not opened by player
Locker #023 : 531 [Energy Stab. Unit] [Baston's PDA right next to it]
??? Possible missing code for something here around this portion of the game?
Locker #017 : 347 [Infirmary] [Caseon's PDA found right next to it]

Alpha Labs (no backtracking)
Locker #013 : 586 [Alpha Labs Hallway] [Dorweiler's PDA found right next to it]
martianbuddy : 0508 [North Hallway] [Moses' PDA found right next to it]

Alpha Labs Sector 1
Locker #009 : 752 [?] [Berger's PDA in nearby room]

Alpha Labs Sector 2
Locker #038 : 409 [MFS Compressor] [Chin's PDA in Engineering Security Checkpoint]
Locker #039 : 102 [Coolant Control Junction] [Connors' PDA in MFS Compressor]

Alpha Labs Sector 3
Locker #047 : 123 [Hazardous Materials Lift] [Lamia's PDA in Hazardous Waste Disposal]
Locker #048 : 123 [Coolant Monitoring] [Lamia's PDA in Hazardous Waste Disposal]
Locker #049 : 123 [EFR Staging Room 1B] [Lamia's PDA in Hazardous Waste Disposal]

Alpha Labs Sector 4
door : ? [Reactor Junction 1] [???; Unlocked if you free the scientist in the previous room]
Locker #064 : 651 [?] [Nelson's PDA]

Enpro Plant
Locker #063 : 972 [Power Core Access] [Chasar's PDA right next to it]
Plasma Storage : 734 [Maintenance 3] [Hammer's PDA in same large room]

Central Communications Tower
Locker #054 : 246 [Security Office] [Wolfe's PDA in Comm Systems]

Waste Recycling 2
Locker #003 : 483 [Monorail Access] [Sadowayj's PDA in Central Maintenance, Waste Recycling 1, and Johnson's PDA in Main Environment Control]

Locker #003 : Open [Recycling Boarding Plat.] [None needed]
Monorail Airlock : 826 [Site 2 Transfer Area] [Ross' PDA in Site 2 Transfer Area]
Locker #054 : 142 [Site 2 Transfer Area] [Hollies' PDA right next to it]

Locker #078 : 364 [Delta Checkpoint Storage] [Cullen's PDA in Monorail Security Checkpoint]
Locker #079 : 364 [Delta Checkpoint Storage] [Cullen's PDA in Monorail Security Checkpoint]

Delta Labs 1
Locker #210 : 298 [Storage Room 21-D] [Price's PDA in Delta Entryway]

Delta Labs 2
Locker #112 : 538 [Records Office] [Cinder's PDA in Delta Ops Administration]
Locker #113 : Open [Records Office] [None needed]
M. Abrams office : 931 [Delta Security Junction] [Abrams' PDA in Kaczynski's room in Alpha Labs 4]
Locker #116 : 972 [Delta Security] [Terminal right next to it]
Locker #114 : 715 [Operations Server Room] [Post-it note on the side of the locker]
Locker #115 : Open [Operations Server Room] [None needed]

Delta Labs 2b
Locker #103 : 259 [Maintenance Corridor] [Erikson's PDA right next to it]
Locker #216 : 624 [Specimen Research Lab] [Michael's dialog just before]
Locker #217 : 624 [Specimen Research Lab] [Michael's dialog just before]
Locker #213 : 371 [Stasis Transfer Control] [Stemmon's PDA in Maintenance Area 4]
Locker #666 : 372 [Analysis Control] [Post-it note next to the locker numpad]

Storage 07 : 725 [Central Processing] [McNeil's PDA in Technical Director's Office nearby]
Martian Buddy : 0508 [Secure Storage] [Moses' PDA found in Alpha Labs]
Level 3 Access : 463 [Central Processing] [McNeil's PDA in Technical Director's Office nearby]

Delta Labs 3
Locker #317 : 841 [Terminal Office Storage] [Cerano's PDA in Lower Terminal Office]
Locker #386 : 836 [T1 Access] [Lee's PDA in Chamber 1 Control]
Locker #387 : 836 [T1 Access] [Lee's PDA in Chamber 1 Control]

Delta Labs 4
Locker #104 : 579 [Delta4 Security] [Downing's PDA in Delta4 Junction 2, also a terminal nearby]

CPU Complex
Locker #452 : 571 [Entrance Checkpoint] [Jackson's PDA in Delta Main Lobby in Delta before entering CPU Complex]
Lab A : 626 [Main Entrance Hall] [Bates' PDA in Security Monitoring, also seen through a security monitor nearby]
Locker #669 : 468 [Lab A Upper Floors] [Haskell's PDA in Lab A ???]
Locker #009 : Open [Lab A Upper Floors] [None needed]

The code listing will be completed when I bother to, which likely won't be anytime soon.
Sanguine # 2007-07-05 22:02:40 - 3 replies

Technical specs

display: textured polygons
  • Windows 2000 or XP
  • Pentium IV 1.5 GHz or Athlon XP 1500+ CPU
  • 384 MB RAM
  • 64 MB VRAM (Radeon 8500 or GeForce 3)
  • 8X CD-ROM drive
  • 2.2 GB free HD space
  • soundcard
  • mouse
  • keyboard
    Sanguine # 2008-05-22 16:19:02
  • Authors / Staff


    John Carmack (technical director)


    Jerry Keehan (designer)
    Mal Blackwell (designer)
    Matt Hooper (designer)
    Steve Rescoe (designer)
    Tim Willits (lead designer)


    Adrian Carmack (artist)
    Eric Webb (artist)
    Fredrik Nilsson (artist)
    James Houska (animator)
    Kenneth Scott (artist)
    Kevin Cloud (artist)
    Pat Duffy (artist)
    Patrick Thomas (artist)
    Seneca Menard (artist)


    Christian Antkow (sound designer)


    Cam Clarke (voice actor)
    Steven Blum (voice actor)


    Andy Chang
    Jim Dose
    Marty Stratton
    Robert Duffy

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    video game
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    fiction genre

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