Pole Position II

created and published by Atari / Namco in 1983, running on Arcade
type: racing/driving
genre: Motor racing, Motorsport
series: Pole Position
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

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Official description

Pole Position Il is a one-player game using a color rasterscan video display. Game action takes place at 4 different raceways-the Fuji Speedway in Japan, the Test Track (an oval track like Indy), the Seaside Speedway (with the Long Beach Pike in the background), and the Suzuka Speedway in Japan. The unique and picturesque scenery around each raceway adds exciting realism to each race!
The driver drives a Formula-1 race car on each track.
Player controls consist of a steering wheel, a two-position gear shifter, an accelerator, and a brake pedal (on the Sit-Down cabinet). The first objective of the game is to finish the qualifying lap as quickly as possible. If the driver beats the times specified in Table 1-4, he qualifies for the race.
If he does not qualify, he drives the remainder of his time along the qualifying course.
As a qualifier, the driver is ranked according to his qualifying lap time, from position one (the pole position) to position eight. Then the driver's second objective is to race against the clock and other cars to finish the race laps (operator selects the number of laps) as fast as possible, and to achieve the highest score possible. The driver earns points for passing cars, driving on the track, and finishing the race with time remaining. The time remaining from the Racing Lap is added to the extended lap time listed in Table 1-5.
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Technical specs

display: raster

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Pole Position II in-game screen.
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Pole Position II (Arcade)
Pole Position II (Arcade)
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