Stratosphere - The Cyberspace Battle Has Begun!

published by unknown in 1997, running on SAM Coupe
type: shooter
genre: 3D
player options: single player

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Zoom around the 3D cyberspace world in your customised cybercraft and try to destroy (or avoid if you think you can!) the numerous types of enemy cybercraft while you are attempting to collect all of the flags to advance through the 40 levels and ultimately confront the Dreadnought cybercraft at the centre of cyberspace.

The mission objective is to collect all the cyber flags on the level and destroy as many of the enemy cybercraft as you can - they range from the slow drones, up to technologically advanced Shadow and Ultimate cybercraft, and at the centre of cyberspace you'll come face to face with the Dreadnought cybercraft.

You're cybercraft is a modified Interceptor - you can select one of the preset types: Standard - a well balanced craft, Strong - well armoured or Speedy - fast! Or you can customise it yourself. You'll have to decide which is more important: more speed or armour... and don't forget about how many missiles to carry as you may not be close to a recharge pod when you need it!

Your cybercraft is also equipped with a scanner to show nearby flags, recharge pods and enemy cybercraft. You've also got a hyperspace device to teleport you to a random position on the level but it will take time to recharge so it might not get you out of a tricky situation!
# 2006

Technical specs

display: raster

Authors / Staff

Colin Piggot



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Stratosphere - The Cyberspace Battle Has Begun! in-game screen.
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