Bio Senshi Dan: Increaser to no Tatakai

a.k.a. バイオ戦士ダン インクリーザーとの戦い / Bio-Warrior Dan: The Increaser Battle / Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher / Bionic Chaser Dan / Bashi Bazook

published by Jaleco in 1987-09-22, developed by Atlus, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: action/reflex, platformer, adventure
genre: Science Fiction
setting: Future
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

Personal review

"Bio Senshi Dan" plays a bit like the original Castlevania game, but is more non-linear at times and its in a futuristic setting. You travel back in time to stop some kind of bio-mutations before they become too strong in the future. The game is a mixed-bag. Graphics and sound are surprisingly well done, but the controls and especially the fighting is not much fun. Enemies are sometimes hard to hit, and there is once again a much too drastic knockback effect to your character when he is hit. Overall an average game, which doesn't look too bad when compared to similar games on the NES in 1987.

# 2014-01-04 05:25:02


Dan from the 21st century has been sent back in time to the point when Increaser's invasion was beginning and intend to battle him before his grip on the world grows too strong to fight back.

Sanguine # 2008-09-09 11:01:52

Technical specs

display: raster

Editor notes (2)

インクリーザー literally reads inkurīzā which is transliteration of English "increaser".

# 2010-01-08 19:54:41
Bio Senshi Dan: Inkliezar to no Tatakai released in Japan
Bashi Bazook: Morphoid Masher was scheduled for release in the USA. A 100% complete prototype was found.
Bio-Warrior Dan: The Increaser Battle is an unofficial English translation made before the Bashi Bazook prototype was found.

(Zerothis) - # 2008-09-09 07:41:46

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Bio Senshi Dan: Increaser to no Tatakai in-game screen.
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