published by Majesco in 2005-04, developed by Double Fine Productions, running on Xbox
type: action/reflex, platformer
genre: Science Fiction, Humorous, Cartoon
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng

Official description

Delve into people's minds as Raz, a powerful young cadet at psychic summer camp who discovers that someone is kidnapping psychic children and stealing their brains. To foil this evil plot and earn the title of a superhero Psychonaut, you must enter the minds of one bizarre character after another and battle their nightmares and mental demons. In this wildly surreal action-adventure game, you'll unlock personal paranormal powers, journey deep into crazy worlds of infinite possibility, and thwart the secret plans of an evil madman.

* Blast, think, dodge: Use cunning wit, paranormal powers, and logic to solve twisted puzzles inside other people's minds. Run, float, climb, swing, sneak, and scoot through a psychic journey of the minds. Defeat monsters, lunatics, and demons with the Psi-Blast, a mental burst of energy that banishes nightmares.
* Go out of your mind: This is the only game ever to take place in the minds of the insane and the world in which they live. Face the fears, neurosis, and bizarre thoughts of villains and lunatics. See yourself in a new light as you progress through a twisted and imaginative journey.
* Master psychic powers: Training unleashes new powers of teleportation, telekinesis, levitation, fire-starting, prophecy, and invisibility. Use these powers in Raz's lifelong quest to join the elite force of the Psychonauts.
* Enjoy film-quality graphics: Hand-crafted animations breathe life into every character. From the sound of sneaking footsteps to the crash of a Psi-Blast, the rich sound effects make the worlds come alive. The original soundtrack was recorded to match the action and mood throughout this twisted journey.
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Any mind, any time. For years, the Psychonauts have deployed their psychically-armed operatives all over the world, but this time trouble is brewing right in their own backyard. Someone is abducting students from the Psychonaut boot camp a deranged scientist who only wants their brains. One cadet a mysterious and powerful new arrival named Raz stands alone against the lunatic. Raz must develop and unleash an arsenal of paranormal powers and his most powerful weapon of all the ability to launch himself telepathically into someone else's mind, and run around in the demented amusement park of their imagination. Ultimately he must enter the mind of his worst enemy and destroy his dark plans at their source, while trying not to lose his sanity in the process.

Double Fine Productions/Majesco Entertainment Company won the 6th annual (2006) Game developers Choice Awards - Best Writing. Tim Schafer and Erik Wolpaw were designated in the nomination.
Zerothis - # 2006

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

Authors / Staff


Tim Schafer (creative director)


Scott Campbell (art design)


Peter McConnell (composer)

External reviews (3) - average: 83.3% - median: 87%

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Consoles + (156-246)fr1692006-0215/2075%

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