Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou

a.k.a. 忍者くん 阿修羅ノ章 / Ninja Boy 2 / Ninja Taro

created and published by UPL in 1988-05-27, running on Nintendo Entertainment System
type: platformer
series: Ninja-kun
perspective: side view
player options: single player
languages: jpn

Personal review

"Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou" is the sequel to Ninja-Kun: Majou no Bouken. It's bigger (31 levels!), and more varied than its predecessor. In some levels you have just reach the exit, other levels require you to kill all enemies. There are underwater swimming passages, some levels go mostly up, others go from left to right. But it's still not really good, because the game is hard. Really hard. Unfair hard. You know the typical climbing up a wall and with bad luck an enemy sitting at the edge which you impossibly can avoid? This game includes lots of those scenes. And the controls are not the best. Wall jumping, despite being necessary in later levels is hard to put off for example. One of those games that gave me lots of trouble finishing despite an endless lives cheat and save states.

# 2015-07-20 17:59:08

Technical specs

display: raster

Editor note

Was planned to be published in North America as Ninja Taro by American Sammy.
# 2013-08-17 14:24:09

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Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou in-game screen.
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Ninja+Kun+Ashura+no+Shou ()
Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou (Nintendo Entertainment System)
Ninja-Kun: Ashura no Shou (Nintendo Entertainment System)
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