1869 - History Experience Part I

a.k.a. 1869: Erlebte Geschichte Teil I / 1869: Hart am Wind!

published by Flair Software / MAX Design in 1993, developed by MAX Design, running on Amiga AGA
type: strategy
genre: Historical
setting: Past
player options: single player
Lemon Amiga


The 19th century was the age of change and progress. It was an era for political
reform which, step by step, involved more people taking part in political decisions
and was an era of advance. The threshold of the age of industry promised better
production methods, stronger trades and a more promising future. Natural science
added to progress, as new findings promised longer and healthier lives.

The growing importance of new raw materials like oil and cotton, and the discovery
and increased production of mineral resources gave the economy, especially in the
second part of the 19th century, a tremendous boost.
# 2006

Technical specs

display: raster

Authors / Staff

Albert Lasser
Hannes Seifert
Martin Lasser
Wilfried Reiter

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1869 - History Experience Part I in-game screen.
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