published by Acornsoft in 1990, developed by Superior Software, running on Acorn Electron
type: action/reflex
perspective: side view
player options: single player

Official description

Before the Hyperball project began The Acorn Electron had no Breakout "bat and ball" games to speak of.
The game was developed by Steve Parkinson from his home in Colchester and took nearly two years to complete. Development included a toolset used by Rowland Wright, also from Colchester, to design all 120 screens. With features such as 8 simultaneous balls, smooth gameplay and fast action, it pushed the Acorn Electron to its limits. However, with the almost simultaneous release of Impact, at last the Acorn Electron community had something to boast about.

The game was completed in 1989 and released on Play It Again Sam 13 in 1990 (Superior Software/Acornsoft) winning the Electron User Golden Game award the same year.

Steve now lives in Alicante, Spain where he runs www.atlanticgames.net

Hyperball is a breakout game, with some additional strategy and features.
Once a level is completed, you can "buy" weapons to help with the next level.

There are various capsules that drop from destroyed blocks. For example:
* Infrared view which allows you to see otherwise "invisible" blocks
* A laser cannon
* Ball detonator, which explodes the ball into 8 separate balls
* Diamond cutter, which allows the ball to travel through anything

Watch out for the little alien - he can do some nasty things to you like bite a hole in your bat, magnetize the bat (making control difficult) or speed up the ball!

Hidden features
In 1992 the Micro User published a cheat to select levels.

Wait until the game has fully loaded and you are presented with a screen with a message scrolling along the bottom. At this point press the Delete and C keys, followed by Copy and a key from A to T. You will then find yourself in the appropriate Hyperball arena - 1 to 20.

Play it now
You can find Hyperball for download on www.stairwaytohell.com. Here you can also download a BBC or Electron emulator.
Steve Parkinson - # 2007-02-05 00:27:05 - official description

Technical specs

display: raster

Authors / Staff

Steve Parkinson

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Hyperball in-game screen.
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