Seven Kingdoms: Conquest

a.k.a. Seven Kingdoms III: Conquest / Seven Kingdoms 3 / 7KC / Seven Kingdoms: Завоеватели

published by cdv Software Entertainment / JoWooD Productions / Akella in 2008-03, developed by Infinite Interactive / Enlight, running on Windows
type: strategy
genre: Fantasy
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: LAN, Internet, single player
languages: eng fre ger rus spa

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Official description

Seven Kingdoms: Conquest is a Real Time Strategy game that explores 6,000 years of human history.
Its setting has a healthy twist of fantasy with hordes of demons attempting to invade the earth every 1,000 years
Its gameplay also offers some fresh new ideas to make battles more intense and exciting.

The Campaign begins in the Middle East in 3000 B.C.
It progresses in 1,000 year increments to Europe in 1 A.D.
and then expands on a global scale as it reaches the modern eras from 2,000 A.D. onwards.
The story can be played from both sides - as the Demons or as the Humans.
The Human story is a tale of how an ancient secret society, known as the Illuminati, managed to preserve magic and knowledge throughout the ages in a seemingly endless struggle to help stop Demons invading our world every 1,000 years.
The Demon's story is quite different.
Demons are patient creatures.
It tells of how, once they discover Earth, they enact a long and arduous plan to rid the world of magic and miracles, so that they might capture us.

The story began in an age long past - an age before mankind had spread across the face of the world - an age before we had even learned to speak.

In a dimension far-removed from our own there dwelled a diverse race of creatures that we have come to know collectively as Demons. Their world was violent and cruel, full of raging fires and jagged fields of ice, where the very air was poison and would sear the lungs of a lesser being. Such a harsh realm bred feral and dangerous creatures and the Demons were the product of millions of years of evolution in this twisted place, always looking for new conquests, delighting in corruption and reveling in the slaughter of the weak and infirm.

There came a time however, when they were the undisputed rulers of their world. Lest they fall upon themselves, the greatest amongst them, Thoringrad Lord of Fire, conceived a plan. He created a number of magical stone boxes, each one ensorcelled so that only greed could open it, for as all Demons knew: Greed breeds Fear, and Fear is the greatest weapon that you can wield against an opponent, ensuring victory every time. He sent these boxes off into the ether that exists between worlds, and the Demons patiently waited for one of the boxes to be opened, that it might call to them across time and space.

In Egypt in 3,000 B.C., the Akkadians found one of these boxes. Their priests, being wise, took this unholy artifact and entombed it within a temple, but whether it was the magic of the box or just the nature of humankind, word soon spread out through the rising kingdoms of man.

By the time the rumors reached Pharaoh Akhon Luminatos of Egypt , they had grown to hint that this box contained the secrets of eternal life. Becoming obsessed by the thought of such power, Akhon gathered his forces and marched upon his neighbor – - his goal to pull the temples of Akkadia apart stone by stone, to find this box, and to gaze upon its secrets...

* 7 Human Civilizations to play, each one containing 3 different nations
* 7 Different races of Demons to play
* A Campaign, spanning 6,000 years, which can be played either as Humans or Demons.
* A full skirmish mode where players can set up battles between various combinations of humans & demons.
* Many different unit special abilities, including the unique features of previous 7K games (such as Diplomacy and Espionage)
* Automated resource gathering (with unique resources for Humans & Demons)
* Heroes & Greater Beings who will join the human sides and fight as mighty warriors
* A system of troop promotion where individual warriors can eventually rise to be kings and demon lord's.
* Elemental Forces that can be unleashed upon the world by demons
* Magic and technology that can be used by all sides.
* Cutting-edge 3d engine
* Multiplayer support for up to 8 players via internet & LAN
* A full orchestral-quality soundtrack
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* Windows 2000, XP or Vista
* Pentium IV 1.5 GHz CPU
* 512 MB RAM
* GeForce FX series or Radeon 8500 or similar
* 1 GB free HD space

* Pentium IV 2.5 GHz CPU
* 1 GB RAM
* GeForce 6 series or Radeon 9 series or better
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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Seven Kingdoms: Conquest (Windows)
Seven Kingdoms: Conquest (Windows)
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