Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly - Director's Cut

a.k.a. Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly - Director's Cut / 零~紅い蝶~ / Zero ~Akai Chō~

created and published by Tecmo in 2004-11-01, running on Xbox
type: adventure
genre: Horror, Survival horror
series: Fatal Frame
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng jpn

Official descriptions (2)

* New Setting - Brand new, wider settings in a mysterious lost village, opening up new terrifying possibilities. As Mio and Mayu return to a town in which they have spent many of their childhood years.
* New Main Characters - Mio is a young girl who is gifted with a strong sixth sense and desire to look after her twin sister Mayu, who has a twisted leg and an even darker and twisted curiosity which leads her to follow the crimson butterfly.
* Real Time Visuals - More horrifying real time visuals to keep you engrossed in the frightening tale.
* Unique Camera Combat System. The one-weapon combat system is back with the use of an antique camera. The weapon may be the same, but a variety of new features have been added to update the camera making it a more powerful ghost killer than ever before.
R2D2-A - # 2007-04-12 21:16:51 - official description
Terror returns with Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly on the Xbox video game system, the sequel to the highly popular survival horror title, Fatal Frame . This time the terrifying journey takes the player to a whole new creepy setting, an abandoned village, where they play the role of Mio Amakura, a young girl who is gifted with a strong sixth sense. The story follows the horrifying journey of Mio and her twin sister, Mayu, as this lost village and a strange, symbolic crimson butterfly create the spooky setting for yet another frightening tale in Fatal Frame 2. The frightening voyage continues as Fatal Frame 2 makes its way to the Xbox video game system this Halloween with an additional first person view mode, new costumes, more ghosts, and a new survival mode that will have you trembling for more!
# 2007-02-10 09:37:39 - official description

Technical specs

display: textured polygons

External reviews (2) - average: 77%

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Consoles + (156-246)fr1582005-0314/2070%

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Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly - Director's Cut in-game screen.
Project+Zero+II+Crimson+Butterfly+Directors+Cut ()
Project+Zero+II+Crimson+Butterfly+Directors+Cut ()
Project Zero II: Crimson Butterfly - Director's Cut (Xbox)
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