Ankh: Special Edition

published by Runesoft in 2006-12-15, developed by DECK13 Interactive / Telltale, running on Linux
type: adventure
series: Ankh
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
languages: eng ger

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Official description

Egypt. A long, long time ago. After a forbidden party in a pyramid, young Assil gets struck by a horrible death curse. With just a few more hours to live, Assil has to find a way to talk to the only person who can now help him to remove this curse: the mighty pharaoh himself! During his wild adventure, Assil meets many strange and funny characters: the scary crocodile, the god of the underworld... and finally the woman of his dreams.

- Innovative 3D cartoon adventure
- Impressive, detailed and endearingly animated graphics
- classic Point&Click navigation
- dozens of funny characters
- Tons of black humor
- Over 100 items to use
- numerous challenging puzzles and riddles
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

Authors / Staff


Dominic Packulat (project support)
Florian Stadlbauer (executive director)
Ivory Keys (producer)
Jan Klose (project lead)
Jens Schmidt (project support)
Paul Steinwachs (project support)
Tahar Jaber (project coordinator)
Thorsten Lange (technical director)


Dan Connors [of Telltale Games] (conceptual support)
Dynamedion (original soundtrack)
Heather Lee Logas [of Telltale Games] (conceptual support)


Dieter Klapper (character design)
Timm Schwank (lead designer)


Andreas Engelke (story)
Dominik Heide (story)
Falko Löffler (story)
Florian Stadlbauer (story)
Jan Klose (story)
Steffen Naumann (story)


Frank Habel (additional programming)
Gabriele Greco (linux programming)
Viktor Gesiarz (additional programming)


Die Kolonie (animation)
Gregor Weiß (character animations)
Michael Stancyk (foley artist)
Rocketbox Studios GmbH (texturing)
Rocketbox Studios GmbH (animation)

3d artist

Christian Kleinsteinberg (3d character design)
Die Kolonie (additional character modelling)
Dirk Baum (3d design)
Markus Friederich (3d design)
Mimoun El Bariaki (3d character design)
Robert Sander (3d design)
Rocketbox Studios GmbH (additional character modelling)
Susie Sou (3d design)
Uwe Schmelz (3d character design)

level designer

Maxime van der Kloet (level design)
Timm Schwank (level design)


Alex Pfeffer (composer)
Alexander Röder (composer)
Jan Hofmann [of Sea-Sound] (sound design)
Marc Toase (composer)
Markus Schmidt (composer)
Matthias Pasedag (sound design)
Michael Stancyk (sound design)
Oliver Szczypula [of u3multimedia] (sound design)
ROXTA_Records (loaned song)
RRI Film&TV Services GmbH (sound design)


Friedrich Klemme (localization project manager)
Translocacell (localization services)


Christina Bryant (test player)
Eva Zinnbauer (test player)
Harald Burger (test player)
Niels Zinnbauer (test player)
Sven Ludwig (test player)
Verena Ludwig (test player)


Eva Zinnbauer (thanks)
Verena Ludwig (thanks)


Armin Burger (technical supervisor)
Armin Burger (creative supervisor)
Armin Burger (scripting)
Armin Burger (cutscene implementation)
Dirk Baum (additional 2d)
Ehrich Weiß (specral vision)
Frank Habel (scripting)
Jan Klose (lyrics)
Madison Allee Nietzsche (night vision)
Markus Friederich (additional 2d)
Mathias Hermann (preformer)
Matthias Pasedag (foley recording)
Niels ’t Hooft (x-ray vision)
Pierre Langer (supervision)
Robert Sander (additional 2d)
Susie Sou (additional 2d)
Thorsten Lange (pina framework)
Thorsten Lange (scripting)
Tilman Sillescu (supervision)
Timo Mylly (cutscene implementation)

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