published by author in 2004-10-01, running on Linux
type: adventure, role-play
genre: Fantasy
perspective: other
player options: single player
game engine: Text Adventure Development System
languages: eng

Official description

Living on the streets of Persis has been rough, but it has certainly made you strong. Where else but in the Magocratic Kingdom of Persis could even a simple street urchin learn such arcane secrets as you have? Your basic knowledge of conjuration has kept you well fed, and never wanting for water. A few hard-earned enchantments keep you safe. A bit of sorcery keeps the darkness away. Summoning has brought you at least some form of friendship. You have even begun to dabble in scrying, though your insights are limited to the space of your own being.

A few days ago, news spread through the kingdom that the King, Ardashir I was dying, and because Ardashir II had recently died in a tragic dragon feeding accident, he was left with no heir. A decree was made that a tournament would be held to select a new Mage to inherit the throne. You decided that the tournament would be interesting to observe. No doubt there would be many magi there. Perhaps some of them could be persuaded to teach you a spell or two!

When you arrived in the throne room of Ardashir Castle, you were only one of six magi in attendance, including the King.

The first was introduced as Balthazar, a very old man dressed in fine white robes. He has served as King Ardashir’s seer and adviser for nearly a century. It is said that he knows everything that happens in the kingdom at all times. No peasant or Lord dare ever even speak ill of the King, for fear they are being spied on by the old Seer. That, combined with Ardashir’s immense magical power and military genius has made the Magocracy of Persis the most powerful and fertile kingdom in the known world.

The second, General Loge has led King Ardashir’s army in all of its most glorious battles. He will undoubtedly go down in history as the finest War Mage that has ever seen a battle. People still speak of the time he bested Amputar the Barbarian in melee combat by calling forth a sword of flame.

The third was Lilith, Queen of the neighboring kingdom of Partha. It is widely known in magical circles that she came by the position by using her enchantments to enslave and then murder the previous Monarch.

The last mage to receive a proper introduction was Rhiannon, daughter of Amputar, Warchief of the Barbarians of the Northlands, and the Druidess Ethnea. It is said that there is no greater conjuror in all the world. She can feed, shelter, and provide drink to her entire tribe with her magic alone. She is also fierce in battle, skilled with a quarterstaff, and able to call up vines, stones, and earthquakes in order to defend her people.

Ardashir turned to you and said, "And this appears to be [Player], a low-level street mage."

Suddenly, a plume of violet smoke erupted in the middle of the room. From it emerged a petite woman with almond shaped eyes and light brown skin. Ardashir looked shocked for a moment, but quickly regained his composure. He introduced her as Uzume, a summoner from the east.

"You are all here," began Ardashir, "to compete for the title of Monarch of Persis. Though I have no doubt what some of you would do with such a title." He glared at Lilith. "The constitution of the Magocracy of Persis states that all Lords and landowners must be Magi, and that the most powerful Mage must be chosen for the throne, should the Monarch fail to provide an heir of his own bloodline. My seer, Balthazar has informed me that the stars leave no doubt that my 240 year old life will be cut short within the space of three days. Far be it from me to argue with the heavens. But how shall we determine who is the most powerful mage? I have devised a fool-proof method. You will all stay here, in this castle, until one of you proves victorious. "

With that, the great brass doors of the castle slammed shut, and Ardashir vanished in a cloud of crimson smoke.

The voice of King Ardashir boomed from the very walls of the castle: "I will transport you to your guest quarters. Let the contest begin!"

There was another cloud of smoke, and that’s when you found yourself in this cozy bedroom.
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