created and published by Instant Kingdom in 2003, running on Windows
type: action/reflex, adventure
genre: Science Fiction, Survival simulation
perspective: bird's-eye
player options: single player
languages: eng
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Official description

You have crash-landed on planet Notrium. Your food supplies are running low, a pack of predatory aliens have got your scent. There are no more bullets for your pistol, your only weapon a handful of rocks. The night is coming, and you are desperately looking for wood to make a fire. Notrium is a game of survival.

Survival, Exploration and Action
* An integral part of the game is finding enough food and supplies to survive through the cold, dark nights.
* Exploring the alien ruins and bases you can find various items, which can be combined to make weapons and equipment.
* Most of Notrium's inhabitants are not happy to see you. You can try getting past your enemies quietly, but often you will need either fast legs or a sharp aim.

Player Characters
* The Human is weak, relying on weapons and items for survival.
* The Android is very strong, but can only heal himself with repair units.
* The Alien gains fearsome hunting skills through evolving.
* The Psionic has unique mental powers, but cannot carry anything.

* Notrium is a very moddable game. Several high quality mods are available. Join our modding community to make a mod yourself, or help others.
Ville Mönkkönen - # 2007-05-26 16:40:43 - official description - source

Technical specs

display: raster
* Windows 98, ME, 2000 or XP
* 1 GHz CPU
* 64 MB RAM
Sanguine # 2010-08-10 11:45:01

Editor note

Latest version: 1.345 (as of 2010-03-02?)
# 2010-08-10 09:56:04

Authors / Staff


Michael Quigley 'Quanrian' (music)


Ville Mönkkönen

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Notrium in-game screen.
Notrium (Windows)
Notrium (Windows)
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