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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

a.k.a. TPFoL

published by Codemasters in 2008-02, developed by Spark Unlimited, running on Windows
type: shooter
genre: First-person shooter
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player, LAN, Internet
game engine: Unreal Engine 3
languages: eng

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Official description
"War becomes more personal than ever... through the eyes of a civilian"

Turning Point™: Fall of Liberty sees World War II take a catastrophic turn as a superior Nazi force attacks New York and goes on to take over the United States.

Delivering both wartime authenticity and a fresh perspective through an intense, action-driven storyline, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty makes war personal and relevant. Presenting this scenario as a powerful and realistically crafted alternate history, Turning Point: Fall of Liberty delivers an explosive First Person Shooter experience in a world where famous real-world locations appear startlingly different under Nazi occupation.

"Resist an unstoppable occupying force on your own soil."

What if the United States never entered WWII until WWII came knocking at its front door? What if you were among the last of the resistance, struggling almost single-handedly to hold back the tide of US occupation by the Nazi war machine?

* Witness the Third Reich’s epic takeover of the United States
* Fight the Occupation in New York, Washington DC, and London
* Make a difference as an American Resistance hero
* Battle an unstoppable Axis army loaded with post-war weapons
* Use the surroundings with unique environmental kills, multiple grapples, and human shields!
* Online Multiplayer, more details coming soon...
* Stunning soundtrack from renowned composer Michael Giacchino, famous for Lost, Ratatouille, "Alias" and Mission: Impossible III, among many others

In Turning Point’s alternate reality, the untimely death of Winston Churchill in 1931 leads to the fall of Great Britain and Europe as they surrender to Hitler in 1940. From this pan-European power base, the German war machine re-equips itself to launch an unstoppable takeover of the United States.

As a civilian caught in the middle of these new battlegrounds, fight afresh against the world’s most notorious war machine on the streets of Manhattan, Washington DC, and beyond. Use guerrilla tactics and the surroundings to overcome superior post-war Axis weaponry and fight the Occupation.

You are Dan Carson, a New York construction worker. You’ve watched as war enveloped the globe for over a decade and Europe fell to Nazi rule. Russia is now occupied, as are large areas of Asia. An uneasy alliance between the Germans and Japanese persists.

The Nazis now look to the United States – the last major prize in their pursuit of world domination.

New York is hit first as an overwhelming Nazi army invades. Zeppelins are the battleships, the blimps are the landing craft and the rooftops of downtown Manhattan are the beaches. Armed paratroopers descend on to the streets; the city is taken block by block. War becomes personal.
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Technical specs
additional hardware: Xbox 360 gamepad controller,
display: textured polygons
* Windows XP or Vista
* Pentium 2.8 GHz or Athlon XP 2800+ CPU
* 1 GB RAM
* GeForce 6600 or Radeon X1300
* 7 GB free HD space

* Intel Core 2 Duo or Athlon 64 X2 CPU
* GeForce 8800GTS or Radeon HD2900
* Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Sound Card
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Editor note
Latest version: retail
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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty in-game screen.
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Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (Windows)
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