Blue's Clues Collection Day

created and published by Vtech in 2005, running on V.Smile
type: edutainment
player options: single player

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Official description

3-5 years

Blue and her friends love to collect things, and they want to share their collections with you. Kids will join Blue, Joe, Magenta, Periwinkle and all their favorite Blue's Clues friends for a fun and challenging day of collecting. As they explore Blue's world to find what Blue wants to collect, kids will find plenty of puzzles and challenges to test their shape, color, letter, music and spatial skills. Six fun, challenging Learning Adventure games range from helping Mailbox sort his stamp collection by identifying pictures, and helping Pail and Shovel collect leaves by matching colors. Four Learning Zone games focus on specific preschool skills such as counting, size comparisons, word-picture matching, and classification.


* Learning Adventure Games present a story and a goal for kids to accomplish through a series of six multi-curricular learning games.
* Four Learning Zone activities provide shorter learning games that are focused on a single curriculum.
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