Finding Nemo: Nemo's Ocean Discoveries

a.k.a. Le Monde de Nemo: Nemo à la Découverte de l'Océan / Buscando a Nemo: Los Descubrimientos de Nemo

created and published by Vtech, running on V.Smile
type: edutainment
player options: single player
languages: eng fre spa

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Official description

4-6 years

It's time for Nemo to set out on another exciting ocean adventure, and you can come along! Kids will use their shape, color, logic and comparison skills to help Nemo make his way through a world of ocean wonders. Along the way, they will also learn exciting new facts about ocean life, in a fun and engaging way. In the Learning Adventure, six games will challenge kids with such projects such as sorting living from non-living things in an abandoned submarine, rescuing a trapped hermit crab by solving a logic puzzle, and navigating among sea turtles in the East Australia Current. As kids go through their ocean adventure, they will collect images of sea life into their very own Explorer Log Book. Four additional Learning Zone games focus on specific curriculum skills such as colors, shapes, sea animal matching, and comparisons.


* Learning Adventure Games present a story and a goal for kids to accomplish through a series of six multi-curricular learning games.
* Four Learning Zone activities provide shorter learning games that are focused on a single curriculum.
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