Winnie the Pooh: The Honey Hunt

a.k.a. Winnie l'Ourson: La Chasse au Miel de Winnie / Winnie the Pooh: En Busca de la Miel

created and published by Vtech / Disney Interactive / Buena Vista Games, running on V.Smile
type: edutainment
series: Winnie-the-Pooh
player options: single player
languages: eng fre spa

Official description

3-5 years

Help Winnie the Pooh find his favorite treat—honey! As kids go on The Honey Hunt, collecting honeypots on the way to Pooh's party, they engage in exciting games and activities that teach key preschool skills like letters, numbers, shapes and more. Eight clever learning adventures take Winnie the Pooh through the Hundred Acre Wood, up in the honey tree, on a balloon ride, and to many more of his favorite spots! On these exciting adventures, kids must master lessons in letters, phonics, counting, matching, vocabulary, shapes and spelling. Four shorter arcade-style games, focused on matching, counting and memory, keep kids on target with their learning.
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Technical specs

display: raster

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Winnie the Pooh: The Honey Hunt in-game screen.
Winnie the Pooh: The Honey Hunt (V.Smile)
Winnie the Pooh: The Honey Hunt (V.Smile)
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