The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown

a.k.a. 冰城傳奇

published by Electronic Arts in 1985, developed by Interplay, running on Apple II E
type: role-play
genre: Fantasy, Dungeon Crawler
series: The Bard's Tale
perspective: 1st person
player options: single player
game engine: The Bard's Tale engine
languages: eng fre

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Official description

Long ago, when magic still prevailed, the evil wizard Mangar the Dark threatened a small but harmonious country town called Skara Brae. Evil creatures oozed into Skara Brae and joined his shadow domain. Mangar froze the surrounding lands with a spell of Eternal Winter, totally isolating Skara Brae from any possible help. Then, one night the town militiamen all disappeared. The future of Skara Brae hung in the balance. And who was left to resist? Only a handful of unproven young Warriors, junior Magic Users, a couple of Bards barely old enough to drink, and some out of work Rogues. You are there. You are the leader of this ragtag group of freedom fighters. Luckily you have a Bard with you to sing your glories, if you survive. For this is the stuff of legends. And so the story begins...
Zerothis - # 2008-05-03 08:23:51 - official description - Box

Technical specs

display: raster

Editor notes (2)

Apparently influenced by D&D and the Wizardry series.
# 2009-09-23 09:51:45
To cast one of the 85 available spells, the player needs to consult the game's manual to find the corresponding four letter code.
(Zerothis) - # 2008-05-03 08:31:13

Authors / Staff


Michael Cranford (lead programmer)

External review - average: 100%

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Tilt 1-38fr341986-096/6100%

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The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown in-game screen.
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The Bard's Tale: Tales of the Unknown (Apple II E)
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