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Cold Fear

published by Ubisoft Entertainment in 2005-04, developed by Darkworks, running on Windows
type: action/reflex, adventure
genre: Horror, Survival horror
perspective: 3rd person
player options: single player
game engine: RenderWare
languages: eng fre ger ita spa

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Personal review
There's only two things I dislike about this game. For one, being able to carry every single weapon found. This is supposed to be survival horror, you know. For second, the boss battle. I can't remember playing more aggravating boss battle than this on PC (console gamers seem to love these insanely overpowered bosses as they're so damn common on them). Way overpowered compared to anything else met and nothing prepares you for it. Finally used a trainer to get through it because the game was sitting at the final battle for over a month (probably one fourth of the game can be played in the same amount of time I invested solely on the boss battle).

Effectively you have to shoot the boss until he turns his attention to you, dodge the charge he makes either left or right, by staring at him in the aim view until he raises either of his arms to strike (so you know which side to dodge to), and repeat this until Anna escapes (which takes some 5+ charges). After this you have to wait for him to charge, dodge that, and then run back in front of him so he can grab you - YES! you have to intentionally let him grab you here. And then hit action button to get released. After you do this the third time, you can shoot him in the face. This has to be repeated about 3 times in total, so that's surviving about 9 more charges while managing to let him grab you. You don't have any healing items and you die on the third charge you fail to dodge. There's also the fact that the only way to dodge the boss is to stare down at him until he raises either of his arms (lest you wish to rely on luck as there's no pattern) and then swivel quickly to the opposite side, release aim and run. There's probably less than a second for you to do this, so imagine repeating this sequence few times, dying at the final part several dozen times because you can't do it fast enough, and that's pretty much it for playing this game through without cheating.

Tom gets infected second time but I don't recall him getting an antidote, so I have to assume he spreads the parasites to the rest of the world. The ending is very curt, but then I didn't watch through the credits for any hidden hints on that.

# 2008-10-06 23:12:21
Official description
Embark on a Voyage of No Return You are Tom Hansen, a US Coast Guard, investigating a distress call from a large Russian whaler in the middle of the Bering Sea. A ferocious storm descends and a watery gateway to hell opens, as the horror lurking beneath the ship's bloodstained decks rises.

[image: showing Tom shooting at a zombie with a pistol]
From a sinister whaler infested by mutated & clever enemies to a hostile oil rig, there will be no safe place.

[image: shows Tom using a flamer on a group of hostiles]
Unleash lethal weapons: Battle with shotguns, flame throwers... or any object on hand to destroy your evolving foes

[image: shows Tom struggling to stay on board as a breaker tilts the ship heavily to its side, throwing several zombies overboard]
Keep your bearings in treacherous waters: Face huge breakers, driving rain and stormy winds that constantly rock the ship.

[image: shows Tom shooting at a zombie's head, causing it to explode violently]
Blast your enemies: spill their blood with cool finishing move.
Box blurb - # 2008-08-14 11:17:37 - official description
Technical specs
display: textured polygons
* Windows 2000 or XP
* 1 GHz CPU
* 256 MB RAM
* 64 MB VRAM
* 2.2 GB HD space
* 8X CD-ROM drive

* 2 GHz CPU
* 512 MB RAM
* 128 MB VRAM
Sanguine # 2008-08-14 11:23:16
Editor note
Comes on 3 CDs.
# 2008-08-14 11:33:57
External review - average: 66%
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