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a.k.a. ラグナロク-通常版

created and published by light in 2001-10-12, running on Windows
type: adventure
genre: Erotic, Manga
player options: single player

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Official description
Our hero lives with Alpha, a childhood friend, in a small village in the kingdom of Faldeata. This is located on the west side of the Grandeek continent. Our hero has no friends except for Alpha and the priest who brought the two of them up. His father left him one item at his death: The mighty sword of Lagnalock.

The hero and the priest share a secret regarding Alpha. The girl's true identity is a Diverse (DIV), a child of god. DIVs were born when the evil "Foreign Over" started showing up on this world. The army has been looking for DIVs because of their special magical abilities. Therefore, in order to protect Alpha, the priest gives her a new identity and has her working in the temple.

It happens on the night of the village festival. Faldeata's prime minister orders their army "Black Dragon" to attack the village. The whole village is torched and the priest is killed. Maxim, the Black Dragon's commander, attempts to kidnap Alpha. His attempts are thwarted, when our hero starts fighting back with his new-found and mysterious powers. However, the defeated Maxim succeeds in implanting a seed in Alpha's chest. This seed is able to foresee the coming of God, and Alpha is to be sacrificed.

Our hero can only hug Alpha and reassure her. He decides to set out on a quest with Alpha in search of a way to rescue her from her fate...

The basic flow of this game is an adventure, but once players enter the dungeon, it becomes a board game with a map and dice. Players will also use offensive, defensive, and martial arts skills with their characters. Since this game has Internet connection capabilities, players can participate in "net" competitions with thousands of players out there! We hope you'll enjoy this minutely detailed and dramatic story staged in the world of fantasy!!
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Technical specs
display: raster
Authors / Staff


Mahiru Izumi (artist)
fiction genre
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Lagnalock in-game screen.
Lagnalock (Windows)
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