Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash-Up

published by Ubisoft in 2009-09-22, developed by Game Arts, running on Wii
type: fighting, beat 'em up
series: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
perspective: 3rd person side view
player options: single player, shared-screen
languages: eng

Official description

FIGHT AS YOUR FAVORITE TMNT CHARACTERS: Choose from a wide variety of classic TMNT heroes and villains, each with unique acrobatic moves, weapons and combat skills that will come in handy during the free-for-all brawls. SHARE THE FUN: Not only can you immerse yourself in the world of TMNT through the story mode, you can also challenge your friends at home or online in a variety of multiplayer modes including tournament, battle royal, and more. IT’S A SHELL OF A BRAWL: Packed with over-the-top ninja action and smack-talking gameplay, Smash-Up offers hours of fun for novice players as well as ninja masters. Finding unique combos and unlocking and special attacks add more elements to each character and battle. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED: Be prepared for interactive levels with moving arenas, gators jumping from the water, and many more surprises. Collect "shells" during battles and mini-games to unlock memorable moments and exclusive content of TMNT’s 25-year history. ORIGINAL STORY CREATED WITH PETER LAIRD: The single-player story mode offers a completely original story written by Peter Laird (the co-creator of TMNT). But unlike his previous comic books and movies, this time you get to be a part of the story.
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons, textured polygons

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