King of Clubs

created and published by Oxygen Interactive in 2008-03-01, running on PlayStation Portable
type: sport, action/reflex
genre: Minigolf
perspective: 3rd person

Official description

Never the same game twice, this absorbing and addictive, off the wall mini-golf-based puzzler requires players to use their ingenuity to play their way to victory and lucrative rewards, whether strategically, tactically or by being a downright dirty dawg...! Players must collect, unlock, buy or hire rewards to enable them to complete a variety of puzzles across five themes, on more than 95 holes to build up their equipment and skills. Not only that but with seemingly endless ways of completing each puzzle, King of Clubs offers enormously long-lasting playability. Set in a dilapidated theme park in the middle of the Nevada desert (rumours abound that it is built on the site of an old nuclear waste site...but we can ignore that), King of Clubs looks like a cross between an amateur theatrical production and a kitsch vintage Americana playground paradise for jerky-lovin’ trailer trash! Complete with pteranodons on poles, spaceships on string and wobbly waves (plus so much more!), each themed world comes complete with its own quirky resident pro/boss, whom players must beat in order to advance to the next level before ending up in a showdown with the top guy himself, Big Bubba King.
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

Tags (2)

video game



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King of Clubs in-game screen.
King of Clubs (PlayStation Portable)
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