STORM – Frontline Nation

a.k.a. Frontline Nation

created and published by Colossai Studios in 2006-12-31, running on Linux
type: turn-based, strategy
setting: Future
perspective: 3rd person bird's-eye
player options: LAN, Internet
languages: eng

Official description

STORM - Frontline Nation is an epic strategy game for PC situated in modern day Europe. Military forces, research and covert operations are used to get the edge over the competition.

Superior tactics decide who remain on the battlefield. Master both modern strategic warfare and deceptive diplomacy to turn your country into the Frontline Nation.

STORM - Frontline Nation consists of one strategic and one tactical gameplay level.

The Strategic level - contains a view over Europe and North Africa. Here you manage the production and coordination of armies, as well as diplomatic negotiations, research, and the execution of story missions.

The Tactical level - is where the battles take place. It gives the player full control over the military units in a dynamically created battlefield. Different terrain types, a dynamic weather system, fog of war, and customizable units offers an array of tactical possibilities, making the battle both challenging and intense.
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Technical specs

display: textured polygons

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STORM – Frontline Nation in-game screen.
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