A Trip to Fort Scott: Eamon Adventure #154

published by Eamon Adventurer's Guild in 1988-06, running on Apple II E
type: adventure
genre: Interactive fiction
perspective: other
player options: single player
game engine: Eamon Engine
languages: eng

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[The following text is copyrighted by Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online and presented here word-for-word thanks to their generous terms]
#154 - A Trip to Fort Scott by William H. Trent

Reviewed by Tom Zuchowski

MAIN PGM Version: 6 Extra Commands: None Deleted Commands: None Special Features: Hi-Res splash screen Playing Time: 30-60 min. Reviewer Rating: 7.0

Description: "You are on your way to your 50th high school reunion at Fort Scott, Kansas. On the way you have been commissioned by the Adventurer's Guild to look into the strange happenings in and around the Mulholland Tunnel located in the Santa Monica Mountains. There have been reports of strange creatures appearing and of people disappearing in the area.

"A famous dancer named Amanda is among those who have disappeared. Your main quest is to find Amanda and her cousin Matthew and return them to their home. Some who supposedly escaped have mentioned being transported in some weird way to Civil War times. The police have dismissed these stories as hallucinations of weirdos and have given up searching. You don't believe the stories are true but........"

Comment: This is a nice, little adventure with some fun and interesting stuff happening. It is a simple foray with no mental heavy lifting. I found it to be a relaxing play. However, Dr. Trent isn't kidding about it being for advanced characters. Some of the bad guys are really powerful, so there is something for the hack'n'slash crowd, too.

The map isn't the most clear and coherent that has ever been seen in Eamon, but the dungeon is only 52 rooms, so it's not a serious detraction. Much of the special events and developments are fashioned in a way that young Eamonauts will probably enjoy, while still being entertaining for adults.

The time shifting into the past comes and goes rather abruptly, and may seem poorly crafted unless you remember that the introduction specifically described this type of activity.

It's a pretty easy adventure, with no mental heavy lifting. The worst of the bad guys can be safely bypassed if you know where they are, so it's worth doing an occasional save. I give it a (4) for difficulty.
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